Full Parish Council Minutes & Agendas

draft fullcouncil minutes :Please click on the links below to view a Adobe pdf versions of Agenda and Minutes documents.

supporting paper item 14.1

Supporting papers 19th February

Full set of minutes for agreement at meeting on 19th February

Full Council Agenda 19.2.18

Council Draft Minutes  15th Jan. 18 ._

Supporting paper Draft  FGP Minutes 9th Jan

Supporting Papers Full Council

Full Council Agenda 15.1.18

Council Draft (2) Minutes 18th Dec.17.

supporting papers for December parish council meeting

Set of minutes for December parish council meeting

Full Council Agenda 18.12.17

Council Draft minutes 20.11.17. 

Supporting Papers 20th November

Supporting Papers 20th Nov

Full Council Agenda 20.11.17

Council Draft minutes 16.10.17.

SWAB Statement (October 2017) (supporting Paper)

SWAB Neighbourhood Plan Closing statement Oct 17 (Supporting Paper)

SWAB Financial Statement

STEYNP proposal (supporting paper)

ico preparing-for-the-gdpr-12-steps (supporting paper)

CA_Comments_Form_Sep17-Steyning-Parish-Council-1 (supporting paper)

 Data Protection Bill NALC  (Supporting Paper)

Full Council Agenda 16.10.17

Council Draft minutes 18.09.17.

Set of minutes for approval at parish council meeting

Supporting papers for 18th September parish council

Full Council Agenda 18.09.17

Set of previous months Minutes for Parish Council meeting 

Council Draft minutes 17.07.17. JFdocx

Full Council Agenda 17.07.17

Council minutes 19.6.17. JFdocx

Full Council Agenda 19.6.17

council minutes 15.5.17

SWAB Report to SPC

Supporting papers of the Parish Council meeting of 15th May 2017

Parish Council Agenda 15th May 2017

EOM 12th May 2017

draft full council mins 19.4.17. JFdocx

Supporting Papers for Parish Council Meeting 19th April

Full Council Agenda 19.4.17

item 4 draft full council EOM mins 27.3.17

Supporting papers for EOM 27th March

Agenda EOM Full Council 27th Mar 2017

Supporting papers for annual parish meeting

Agenda 20.3.17 APM

draft full council mins 20.2.17

Supporting papers 20th February 2017

Housing White Paper

Full Council Agenda 20.2.17

draft EOM full council mins 23.1.17

Agenda EOM Full Council 23rd Jan 2017

draft full council mins 16.1.17

Papers for Full Council Meeting 16th Jan

Full Council Agenda 16.1.17

draft full council minutes 12.12.16


draft Full Council minutes 7.11.16


EOM Full Council minutes 3.11.16





Full Council Agenda12th Sept 2016


Full Council Agenda 8th Aug 2016

EOM draft minutes 21 Jul 2016

Agenda EOM Full Council 21st July 2016

draft Full Council minutes 11.7.16

Full Council Agenda 11th July 2016

EOM  minutes 20 Jun 2016

Agenda EOM Full Council 20th June 2016

mins for full council 13.6.16

Full Council Agenda 13th June 2016

EOM draft minutes 1 Jun 2016

Agenda EOM Full Council June 2016

minutes Full Council May 2016

Agenda Full Council May 2016

Full Council minutes April 2016

Full Council agenda April 2016

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 09.03.16

Agenda APM 07.03.16

Full Council Draft minutes February 2016

Full Council Agenda February 2016

Extra Ordinary Meeting Draft Minutes 20th January 2016

Extra Ordinary Meeting Agenda 20th January 2016

Full Council DRAFT MINUTES January 2016

Full Council Agenda January 2016

Full Council Draft minutes December 2015

Appendix to Full Council minutes 07.12.15

Cllr Lloyd notes Neighbourhood Plan 07.12.15

Full Council agenda December 2015

Full Council minutes November 2015

Full Council agenda November 2015

Full Council MINUTES October 2015

Full Council agenda October 2015

Full Council MINUTES September 2015

Recording of Full Council meeting 07.09.15 – Please see below

Full Council agenda September 2015

Full Council MINUTES August 2015

Full Council agenda August 2015

Full Council minutes July 2015

Full Council Agenda July 2015

Full Council  minutes June 2015

Full Council agenda June 2015

APCM Draft Minutes May 2015

APCM Agenda May 2015

Full Council minutes April 2015

Full Council agenda April 2015

Chairman’s Report March 2015

Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 09 March 15

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes April 2014

Full Council minutes Feb 2015

Full Council agenda Feb 2015

Full Council  Minutes 12 Jan 2015

Full Council Agenda Jan 2015

Full Council agenda Dec 2014

Extraordinary Meeting minutes 19 11 14


Full Council agenda Nov 2014

Full Council Agenda October 2014

Full Council agenda Sept 2014

Please note where minutes are headed as ‘Draft’ this means they have not been ratified and accepted by Full council and any decisions or actions contained in them could be subject to change.  Please also note that minutes of meetings are not a verbatim report of the meeting or of speeches/comments by Councillors or the public.  The Council is legally required only to produce minutes that record the proposals, actions and decisions of the Council, but has decided that, at it’s discretion, it may record other information for the purpose of clarification or as a summary of relevant discussion points.


Full Council MINUTES Nov 2014

Full Council MINUTES October 2014

Full Council minutes 8th September 2014 doc

Parish Council minutes 14 July 2014

Parish Council minutes 9th June 2014 1

Parish Council minutes 12th May 2014

Council Annual Reports april 2014

Parish Council minutes 10th March 2014 1

Annual Parish Meeting Minutes 2013

letter from Tom Crowley

police report October

Police Report to parish council

Steyning Wardens report July 2014

Steyning PC update July

Steyning monthly report June 2014

steyning monthly report May 2014

 Monthly Report Steyning Parish Council 2014

Steyning PCSO update Mar April 2014

Steyning report MARCH 2014

Steyning Police Report Feb/March

Steyning Parish Police report jan

Parish Council minutes 10th February 2014

Monthly report steyning Jan 2013

Parish Council minutes 13th January 2014 1

Monthly report steyning DEC 2013

Steyning Parish council report nov dec

Parish Council minutes 9th December 2013

Monthly report steyning NOV 2013

Steyning Parish council report oct nov

Parish Council Minutes 11th November 2013

Monthly report steyning OCT 2013

Steyning Parish council Police report Oct

Parish Council minutes 14th October 2012

Monthly report steyning sept 2013

Parish council minutes 9th September 2012

Monthly report steyning Aug 2013

Monthly report steyning July 2013

Parish Council minutes 15th July 2013

Monthly wardens report steyning June 2013

 Highways & Lighting Minutes 25th June 2013

Notes from meeting with Catherine Jeater

Police Report

Parish Council minutes 17th June 2013


Wardens Monthly report steyning May 2013

Parish Council agenda 13th May 2013

























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