Steyning Centre Committee (Please see Premises from 16th May 2017)

Steyning Centre Committee – Terms of Referenceclick here for pdf

Steyning Centre Committee members are Cllrs Northam, Syred, Willett, Hanson, Toomey
and  Pearcey   Associate Councillor – Roger Toms


steyning centre Draft Minutes April 17

Steyning Centre supporting papers

steyning centre agenda April 2017

steyning centre Draft Minutes February 17

supporting papers for Steyning centre 28th Feb

steyning centre agenda February 2017

steyning centre Draft Minutes January 17

steyning centre agenda January 2017





steyning centre  Minutes August 2016

steyning centre agenda August 2016

steyning centre  Minutes June 2016

steyning centre agenda June 2016

steyning centre  minutes May 2016

steyning centre agenda May 2016

minutes March SC meeting

steyning centre agenda March 2016

minutes February SC meeting

steyning centre agenda Feburary 2016

minutes December SC meeting

steyning centre agenda December 15

steyning centre  minutes October 15

steyning centre agenda October -15

steyning centre  minutes September

Steyning centre agenda September -15

Steyning Centre minutes 28th July 15

steyning centre agenda July -15

steyning centre minutes 28-4-15

steyning centre agenda 28-4-15

Steyning Centre minutes 17 03 15

Steyning Centre Agenda 17 03 15

Steyning Centre minutes 27 01 15

Steyning Centre Agenda 27 01 15

Steyning Centre  Minutes 25 11 14

Steyning Centre Agenda 25 11 14


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