Planning Committee

Terms of Reference – Planning Terms of Reference 

Planning Committee Members are Nick Muggridge, Brian Picking, Deborah Hanson, Steve Pearcey, Sarah Sullivan 1 Vacant space 


SPC Planning Documents

Steyning Conservation Area Character Assessment Document June 2016

  letter for Conservation Area Character Assessment Document


Planning Agenda 19th December 2017

Planning Mins 27th November 2017

Planning meeting supporting papers 27th Nov

Planning Agenda 27th Nov

Planning Mins 23rd Oct 2017

Planning supporting papers

Planning Agenda 23rd Oct

CA_Comments_Form_Sep17 Steyning Parish Council_

Planning Mins 25th September 2017

Planning Agenda 25th Sept  

Planning Mins EOM 11th Sept 2017

Planning Agenda EOM Sept 17

Planning Mins 21st Aug 2017

Planning papers 21st August

Planning Agenda 21st Aug

Rampion Offshore Wind newsletter.

Planning Mins 24th July 2017

Planning Agenda24th July 17

Planing Mins 26TH June 2017

Supporting Papers for Planning meeting 26th June

Southdowns National Park Authority Joint Minerals Plan

Planning Agenda 26TH June 17

Planning Mins 22nd May 2017

Planning Agenda 22nd May 17

Planing Mins 24th April 2017

Planning Agenda 24th April 17

Planing Mins 11th April 2017

Planning Agenda 11th April 17

Planing Mins 28th March 2017

Planning Agenda 28th March 17

Planing Mins 14TH March 2017

Planning Agenda 14th March 17

Planing Mins 28th Feb 2017

Statement of Community Involvement Final 2017_v2_public amended version from HDC

supporting papers for planning 14th Feb

Planning Agenda 28th Feb 17

Planing Mins 14th Feb 2017

Local development scheme

Planning papers 1

Statement of Community Involvement Final 2016_public

Planning Agenda 14th Feb 17

Planning Mins 24th Jan 2017

Planning Agenda 24th jan 17

Planing Mins 10th 2017

Planning Agenda 10 Jan 17

Planing Mins 20th Dec 2016















Planning Agenda 6th September 2016

Planning  Minutes 16th August 2016

Planning Agenda 16th Aug 2016

Planning  Minutes 2nd August 2016

Planning Agenda 2nd Aug 2016

Planning  Minutes 19th July 2016

Planning Agenda 19th July 2016

Planning  Minutes 5th July 2016

Planning Agenda 5th July 2016

Planning Minutes 21st June 2016

Planning Agenda 21st June 2016

Planning  Minutes 7th June 2016

Planning Agenda 7th June 2016

Planning minutes 17th May 2016

Planning Agenda 17th May 2016

Planning Minutes 3rd May 2016

Planning Agenda 3rd May 2016

Planning Minutes 19th April 2016

Planning Agenda 19th April 2016

Planning Minutes 5th April 2016

Planning Agenda 5th April 2016

Planning Draft Minutes 15th March 2016 

Planning Agenda 15th March 2016

Planning Draft Minutes 1st March 2016

Planning Agenda 1st March 2016

Planning  Minutes 16th Feb 2016

Planning Agenda 16th Feb 2016

Planning  Minutes 2nd Feb 2016

Planning Agenda 2nd Feb 2016

Planning Draft Minutes 19th January 2016

Planning Agenda 19th Jan 2016

Planning  Minutes 5th January 2016

Planning Agenda 5th Jan 2016

Planning  Minutes 15th December 2015

Planning agenda 15th December 2015

Planning  Minutes1st December 2015

Planning agenda 1st December 2015

Planning  Minutes 17th November 2015

Planning agenda 17th November 2015

Planning  Minutes 3rd November 2015

Planning agenda 3rd November 2015

Minutes 20TH October 2015

Planning agenda 20th October 2015

Minutes 6TH October 2015

Planning agenda 6th October 2015

SDNPA Workshop report

Minutes 15th September 2015

Planning agenda 15th September 2015

Planning minutes 1st September 2015

Planning agenda 1st September 2015

Planning  minutes 18th August 2015

Planning agenda 18th August 2015

Planning  minutes 4th August 2015

Planning agenda 4th August 2015

Planning  minutes 21st July 2015

Planning agenda 21st July 2015

Planning minutes 7th July 2015

Planning agenda 7 July 2015

Planning  minutes 16th june2015

Planning agenda 16th June 2015

Planning  minutes 2nd june2015

Planning agenda 2nd June 2015

Planning  minutes 26th May 2015

Planning agenda 26th May 2015

Planning  minutes 5th May 2015

Planning Agenda 5th May 2015

Planning draft minutes 21st April2015

Planning agenda 21st April 2015

Planning minutes 7th April2015

Planning agenda 7th April 2015

Planning  minutes 17th March 2015

Planning agenda 17th March 2015


HALC meeting notes

Planning minutes 17th February 2015

Planning agenda 17th February 2015

AGA CANCELLED. 3rd Feb doc

Planning meeting 20th January 2015 – CANCELLED – there are no applications to be considered.

Planning minutes 6th January 2015

Planning agenda 6th January 2015

Planning  minutes 16th December 2014

Planning agenda 16th December 2014

Planning minutes 2nd December 2014

Planning agenda 2nd December 2014

Planning minutes 18th November 2014

Planning agenda 18th Novemebr 2014

Planning minutes 4th November 2014

Planning agenda 4th Novemebr 2014

Planning minutes 21ST October 2014

Planning agenda 21st October 2014

Planning agenda 7th October 2014

Planning minutes 23rd September 14

Planning agenda 23rd September 14

planning meeting CANCELLED September

 planning minutes 2nd Sept 2014

Planning agenda 2ND September 14

planning minutes 19th August 14

planning minutes 5th August 14

planning minutes 22nd July 14

planning minutes 8th July 14

planning minutes 3rd June 14

planning minutes 20th May 14

planning minutes 6th May 14

planning minutes 8th April 14

planning minutes 18th March 14

planning minutes 4th March 14

planning minutes 18th Feb 14

planning minutes 4th Feb 14

planning minutes 21st Jan 14

planning minutes 7th Jan 14

planning minutes 3rd Dec 13

planning minutes 19th Nov 13

planning minutes 5TH Nov 13

planning minutes 22nd October 13

planning minutes 8th October 13






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