Finance & General Purposes

Finance & General Purpose Terms of ReferenceF and GPC Terms of Ref

Finance Committee members are Steve Pearcey, Steve Northam, Philip Bowell, Tim Lloyd, Michael Willett, Nick Muggeridge, Rodney Goldsmith, Liz Trundle and Michelle Syred



Draft  F&GP MINUTES  13th Feb 2018

F&GP Agenda 13th Feb and supporting papers

Draft  FGP Minutes 9th Jan

Income and Expenditure for F&GP meeting

F&GP supporting papers 9th Jan

Tour of the website ITEM 15.1 -supporting paper

Item 16.1 Provisional Settlement 2018-19 consultation – supporting paper

F & GP AGENDA 9th Jan.18 .J

Draft F&GP Minutes12th Dec

Supporting Papers 12.12.17

F GP AGENDA 12.12.17.docJFx

Draft F&GP Minutes14th Nov

F &GP Supporting papers for 14th Nov

F & GP AGENDA 14.11.17.doc pdf

Draft F&GP Minutes10th Oct

supporting papers for F&GP 10th Oct

F & GP AGENDA 10.10.17.

Draft F&GP Minutes12th Sept

F&GP 12th September  supporting papers

FGP AGENDA 12.09.17.docJFx

Draft F&GP minutes11th July

Supporting papers for F&GP Meeting 11.7.17

F&GP AGENDA 11.7.17

Draft F&GP minutes13th June 17

F&GP AGENDA 13.6.17

Draft FC minutes 9 May 17.docx 1

F&C AGENDA 9.5.17

F&C suporting papers for 11th April

Draft FC minutes 11.4.17

F&C AGENDA 11.4.17

Draft FC minutes 14.3.17

Supporting papers fro F&C Committee 14th March

Supporting paper for 14th March f&c meeting

F&C AGENDA 14.3.17

F&C CTTEE AGENDA 14.2.17  This meeting has been cancelled. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause

Draft F C minutes 10.1.17

F & C papers

F&C AGENDA 10.1.17








F&C Agenda 6.9.16

F&C minutes 2.8.16

draft F&C Agenda 2.8.16

F C minutes 5.7.16 (3)

draft FC Agenda 5.7.16

F & C minutes 7.6.16

F&C Agenda June 2016

F&C MEETING FOR MAY CANCELLED – Due to the changeover in Clerks, no meeting will be held on 03.05.16.  Any essential business will be placed on the Full Council Agenda for 09.05.16.

F&C minutes April 2016

F&C Agenda April 2016

F&C  Minutes March 2016

F&C Agenda March 2016

F&C  minutes February 2016

F&C Agenda February 2016

F&C  minutes January 2016

F&C Agenda January 2016

F&C  minutes December 2015

F&C Agenda December 2015

F&C  minutes November 2015

F&C Agenda November 2015

F&C  Minutes October 2015

F&C Agenda October 2015

F&C MINUTES September 2015

F&C Agenda September 2015

F&C  minutes August 2015

F&C Agenda August 2015

F&C  minutes July 2015

F&C Agenda July 2015

F&C  minutes June 2015

F&C Agenda June 2015

F&C Minutes 5th May 2015

F&C Agenda May 2015

F&C  minutes April 2015

F&C Agenda April 2015

F&C  minutes March 2015

F&C Agenda March 2015

FC minutes Feb 2015

F&C Agenda Feb 2015

FC  Minutes Jan 2015

F&C Agenda Jan 2015

Minutes 2nd December 2014.doc

Agenda 2nd December 2014

Finance & Community Minutes 4th Nov 2014

Finance & Community Agenda 4th Nov 2014

Finance and Community minutes 7th October 2014

Finance and Community Agenda 7th October 2014

Finance & Community minutes 2nd September 2014

Finance & Community Meeting Agenda 2nd September 2014

Finance & Community Committee Minutes 5th August14

Finance & Community Agenda 5th August 2014

Finance & Community Committee Minutes 8th July14

Finance & Community Agenda 8th July 2014

Finance and Community Committee Minutes 3rd june14

Finance & Community Agenda 3rd June 2014

Finance and Community Commmittee Minutes 6th May 14

Finance & Community Agenda 6th May 2014

Finance & Community Committee Minutes 8th April 2014

Finance & Community Agenda 8th April 2014

Finance & Community Minutes 4th March 2014

Finance & Community Agenda 4th March 2014

Finance & Community Committee Minutes 4th february 2014

Finance & Community Agenda 4th February 2014

Finance & Communities Committee Minutes 7th Jan 2014

Finance & Community Committee Min3rd Dec 13

Finance and Community Committee Minutes 5th Nov 2013

Finance &Community Committee Minutes 8thOct 2013

Finance and Community Committee Minutes 3rd Sept 2013

Finance & Community Comunity Min 6th August 2013

Finance & Community Committee Minutes 2nd July 2013

F&C Agenda 4/10/11

F & C committee agenda 6th November 12

F & C Agenda 5th Feb 2013

F&CComAgen7th May2013

Finance & Community committee Agenda 6th August 2013

Finance & Community Committee Agenda 8TH jULY 2014











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